05 September 2013

Handmade Wedding-Congratulations Card

I love customizing cards because it makes it more special since I am making it based on the recipient's preference and interests. This is one of my favorite commissioned cards that I have made. It is for my husband's colleague. He is engaged to be married soon so I made this card for everyone in their office to sign up and write their well-wishes.

It took me more than 2 hours to complete this easel card. I had to sketch it first, figure out where the embellishments would go, how I would arrange them and what shapes to cut for the project. Let's just say, I am very satisfied with the outcome and so are the colleagues of my hubby. As for the soon-to-be-wed, they loved it. And this is why I love making handmade cards. It warms my heart to know people appreciate the time, effort, thought and love I put into making a single card.

 photo Weddingeasel.jpg
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  1. I love this sis. How much ba ang pricing mo sis?

  2. These are lovely wedding cards. Love the color motif too.

  3. Beautiful wedding invitation! I like your way of cutting it into such a beautiful shape which is giving a stunning look. Totally inspirational.

  4. It is nice to make the
    congratulation Sikh Wedding Cards in handmade because handmade paper is tick and have worth instead of any other paper.

  5. Glad to read this post even after know about your love for customize wedding invitations. Good job you are doing and frankly speaking, I love your wedding invitation's designs in custom way.

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