14 September 2013

Portfolio Requirement for Art Schools

Graphic design is a course my daughter wants to pursue now. Initially, she wanted to be a chef but as the days go by, her passion for drawing and animation has taken over her like for cooking and baking.

As a parent, I can only be there to help her decide and support her in whatever decision she has to make. Eventually, it is going to be her call anyway. So, she finally decided to pursue her lifelong love of drawing, sketching and creating small animations.

It is very timely too that I saw this infographic which I want to share to others out there who wants to take up arts related field. I am glad I saw this because I didn't realize you have to start building your portfolio as early as now. My daughter is well ahead in her game. She actually pointed out that she does need a portfolio and she already has one which she started building up when she was in Grade 5!

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This is really a good information to share since I didn't know this myself. My daughter will also have another way of creating another set of portfolio to wow the prospective universities she will apply for.

It is a good thing that my daughter kept all her drawings and sketches so you can actually see how she transformed as an artist from her wee doodles to her more advanced manga character depictions.

If you are an artist, it is indeed vital to keep tab of your previous works including the ones when you are just starting. This infographic will surely be a good tool in directing you to create your artist's portfolio.

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