10 September 2013

Review - Eclipse Sun Sleeves

If you live in a country where summer months can be so harsh and extremely hot and are longer, then you will agree with me in saying that I need products to help fight harmful UV rays and products that are light and cool to the skin.

This is where the Eclipse Sun Sleeves come into picture. I received the sun sleeves from Eclipse Sun Products for free to try and give my feedback. It is very timely that I received this product recently as the harsh weather condition continued. Just last Friday (6 Sep.), the temperature was up to 109 F and I gave this sun sleeves a test run while I drove to the mall before noon time. I also used the sleeves last Saturday when I went to my daughter's school and had to park far from the school grounds. I am pleased to inform everyone of my findings:

  • It is cool against my skin. The material is not thin and yet it does not feel hot against the skin. The temperature was so hot but my arms were amazingly cool and comfortable. I was quite relieved because I didn't have to apply the thick sunblock lotion which always leave my skin greasy.

  • The fabric is like a lighter version of Spandex but it does not bite the skin and it stayed in place even when I was driving.

  • The material is lightweight and really soft to the touch and skin. It is ultra-light that I forgot I was wearing it even when I was inside the mall.

  • It has the full coverage of the arms including the back of the hand which I tend to neglect.

  • I like the "latte" color of the sleeves as I can pair it up with my other casual and even office wear.

The Eclipse Sun Sleeves is a great protection against the harmful UV rays without the need to slather greasy and thick formulated sunblock lotions. It is UPF 50+ so it will save you money by spending less on sunblock lotions. It is ultralight and soft, durable for everyday use and even for sport use. It is odorless and easily washed and dried. It has great full arm-length coverage, including the back of the hands that we always neglect to cover up. The sun sleeves can also be used during winter time. It also features a patented advanced sun guard technology.

I like this product and will definitely recommend it to everyone especially those who are always on the go and would like a natural "coverage and protection from the harmful UV rays." It can be worn underneath your clothing so you don't even notice it's there. Aside from all the positive findings I have for the sun sleeves, the packaging is also something I have to commend. It is packed in recycled paper pouch. The sun sleeves is Made in the USA.

If you want to know more about this product or would like to make a purchase, please visit the following for more information:


I did not receive payment for this review. The product has been provided compliments of Eclipse Sun Products and my opinion is 100% my own findings and evaluation based on the trial I have done with the product. I only accept products to review that I know I will use and endorse.

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