10 September 2013

Stop The Killing of Dolphins And Porpoises in Taiji, Japan!

I am a staunch supporter of animal rights because these animals do not have a voice. However, a lot of people treat them cruelly and that is just unacceptable like how Taiji dolphin hunters kill the dolphins. And this has been happening for sometime now. When will it stop?

I saw this video from a friend's wall post. I was shocked and saddened that this happens in a country I respect and love - Japan. I don't blame the Japanese people because I think, not everybody knows that this kind of barbaric act actually happens in their very own country. (You can view the video here.)

Now is the time to give a voice to these precious mammals - the dolphins and porpoises. They shouldn't be killed for their meat which the Japanese brand under "whale meat." It is plain deception, cruelty, barbaric and evil.

Why does man do something to change the equilibrium that nature has intended? Leave the dolphins, whales and porpoises alone! The ocean is their shelter, who are you to take them out of there?

Put an end to barbaric killings of dolphins and porpoises in Taiji, Japan. The world has to know. Spread this to the world, educate the people and stop the killing.

Infographic: The Cove Campaign is Working
Via: TakePart.com

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  1. Just when I thought I could not be any more mad at Japan because of Fukushima I of course stumbled upon this. I thought Asian culture was all about nature & the Earth but I suppose that was stereotypical thinking on my behalf. Between the nonsensical slaughter of animals & fracking I am very afraid for our planet!


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