09 September 2013

Suddenly Sandy

One look at my blog post's title will make you think of a song or our memories of Hurricane Sandy. No, not even close to those things. I'm talking literally. It is suddenly sandy in our area now.

We came home around 4 p.m. and the weather was still fine. The breeze was blowing not as hot as the previous days and it was sunny and bright.  And just an hour after we got home, my daughter heard the howling of the wind and thought that I was making fun of her. We checked the balcony area and yes, it was the sandstorm. I thought it was too early for Little Sandstorm to make a visit but it did anyway.

It is still blowing sand all over as of this writing and thank goodness I didn't leave any clothes to dry outside today. I guess, the weather will be a bit kind in the coming days. This can only mean one thing - Hello Autumn!

Video of the sandstorm from our balcony...

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