28 September 2013

Why I love Shopping From Etsy

Do you buy your arts and craft stuff online or you drive to the nearest Michael's Art or other craft supplies? Well, I do most of my craft buying online because Dubai has limited craft suppliers. There are quite a handful here but they're expensive and almost double the price of the ones I buy in the US.

I got hooked ever since I bought my first arts and craft supplies from a seller on Etsy. There are plenty of reasons why I love buying at Etsy. Here are some reasons why:

  • I like the fact that I can message the seller directly through their shop in Etsy and the response time is rather quick. I contacted another craft supplier's website but it took more than 2 days before I got a response. In Etsy, I think the sellers are almost (always) online which is good.

  • I made some comparison and most of the sellers' prices are similar to the ones I have seen in the website but the shipping costs of most Etsy sellers are very competitive; oftentimes, much lower than the websites I have visited.

  • I have encountered several Etsy sellers and they are very accommodating and nice. They are willing to give a customized quote for all your purchases so you don't have to pay additional shipping for each item and get clubbed together resulting to a higher shipping rate.

  • They offer fabulous discounts and coupon codes for repeat customers. 

  • Some of the sellers even have "bloggers" incentives and they will give you several items for free in exchange of a review. Isn't that nice? I managed to get $30 worth of free flat back gems and pearls because of this. 

  • Most of the items sold in Etsy (not just the arts and crafts category) are HANDMADE! I am a staunch supporter of "buying handmade" stuff because I am a handmade card maker. I know the love and passion that goes in every stuff they make and the time they spent to create it.

  • Most Etsy sellers are micro-businesses which I love to support because some of them are stay-at-home-moms who try to sell their creations and supplies to augment their household income. If I have my way, I will also sell my handmade cards via Etsy but not just now.

Etsy is a community of 15 million sellers and business coming together to provide distinct items to sell and showcase to the world. I love Etsy and I encourage you to support handmade, thriving small/micro business and budding artists.


  1. That's nice to know. I haven't tried shopping there yet. I will look into it.

  2. I have never shopped at Etsy yet sis. Wala naman kasing pangshopping eh lol.

  3. I found fashion pieces on etsy too. Love the vintage shoes.

  4. I love shopping on etsy too! It's my go-to online store for whatever thing that I need.


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