03 October 2013

New Bathroom Shelf and Chest of Drawers From Ikea

Our master bathroom is in need of a serious overhaul. I have been begging my husband for sometime now to change the sagging wire baskets in our bathroom with something sturdier and more organized looking shelves so we can have an organized and clean storage area in the bathroom. Not only do we need new shelving units, we also need to get our daughter her own chest of drawers.

We bought 2 Ronnskar shelves and a Tarva chest of drawers for my daughter. I am looking for Rev-A-Shelf products as well here in Dubai to compliment the storage spaces inside the drawers so everything will be in order.

Tarva chest of drawers

Ronnskar shelving unit

I will be back at Ikea next week to check other storage units so all our stuff are neatly arranged in their appropriate places. I think it is high time again to bin the unused and unnecessary clutter at home.


  1. I liked this Ronnskar shelving unit and thinking to buy one for me too. This will look fantastic in my bathroom and serve both the purposes decoration as well as storage.

  2. I will forever recommend this storage place and if you know what's good for you, you will too! I shopped around a lot before choosing this storage place, and they had the best rates I found.


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