03 January 2014

Coach, Cash and More Giveaway Co-sponsor Invitation Sign up


Co-sponsor Invitation

(Tentative to go live: from 20 Feb. - 20 Mar. 2014)

Red Lips and Pinky Toes will sponsor a giveaway event this first quarter of 2014. The best way to welcome the new year is to celebrate with a fabulous giveaway which will generate huge traffic to our blogs.

This is a huge event because the prizes at stake are high-ticket items. You read it - PRIZES, not just one but more! However, this is a paid blogger opportunity.

The prizes will be:

1 COACH Tote bag for her (approx. $200-$350 worth)
1 COACH Bi-fold wallet for him (approx. $120-$150 worth)
1 winner of US$100 Paypal cash

 photo c2f1df74-45cd-42a4-b98f-427b4e942f88.png

 photo 531ebc5f-11cd-437c-abc2-917d55ba3ad6.png

(Pictures are for illustrative purposes only)

A special prize of $25 will go to the blogger with the most referred co-sponsors.

This is a big event so more generous co-sponsors are invited to take part in this fabulous giveaway!

Entry for a co-sponsor slot is US$20 and you will be entitled to:
  • 3 free social media links of your choice (EXCLUDING FB FAN PAGE)
  • 1 free FB fan page
  • 1 blog link will be mentioned in the announcement of the giveaway post
***If you do not wish to become a co-sponsor of the giveaway but would like to be part of this mega event, here are the rates for the link:
$5 for 1 social media link (EXCLUDING FB FAN PAGE)

$15 for 1 FB fan page

Are you in? Sign up now. All payments must be made via Paypal. Thanks!

Please, mention that you were referred by Ria from riablahgs.com.

PLEASE SIGN UP HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1TmEVNm33pbYPc9w2xImMDTocLi2Rz_nAsfmxSJbwYv8/viewform

Terms and conditions:

*Open WORLDWIDE, 18+ to join

*Tentative to go live on 20 Feb. for 1 month

*The sponsor will shoulder the shipping of the prize BUT WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DUTIES/CUSTOM TAX from the recipient's side

*The sponsor will not be liable for any damage on the prize once shipped.

*The sponsor will verify all entries in the giveaway form before the winners are chosen.

*The winners will be chosen by an automatic giveaway tool. So, a female winner may win the male Coach wallet and vice versa. We cannot change the results after all entries have been verified.

*The sponsor has not been compensated by any third parties like COACH, FB to run the giveaway. There is no association to any of those companies.


  1. Sis nalilito ako sa Input your 3 links + 1 FB fan page + 1 blog link to be mentioned in the announcement wahhh

  2. Nice product promotion and good luck for this endeavor.

  3. be watching out for this giveaway, be joining :)

  4. I want to join too but I'm confuse LOL!

  5. this would be a big event for the joiner, the prize is worth the wait.

  6. That's a nice Coach bag, simple but classic. It will go with anything. Lucky winner! :)

  7. wow I want to join this! will sign up but maybe for only $5 - 1 social media link. Won't forget your name thanks for sharing sis!

  8. must be a good opportunity especially for the coach lovers, however, i am always confused in joining giveaways such as this, i do not know how to enter, bopol ako ata sa ganitong parte nang tech :)

  9. Fabulous prizes. I'm sure the winners will be thrilled.

  10. Great giveaways and fabulous prizes. Bag lovers will surely love joining this event.

  11. This is such a nice giveaway. I really wanted to be a co-sponsor but waley budget. Huhuhuhu.

  12. Sis I am signing up but still a bit lost lol.

  13. Grand giveaway this is! I wish I have some Paypal $ to co-sponsor. Too bad I am so broke! Lol.

  14. I love the Coach bag! Simple yet very elegant! THe winner will be very lucky!


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