19 January 2014

Foods That Boost Your Eye Health

We tend to overlook one of the important senses we have been given - our eyesight. A lot of the younger generation now are wearing spectacle for poor vision caused by eye-strain due to prolonged looking at TVs, smart phones, gadgets, etc.

For the lucky ones who are still not wearing glasses because of their good eyesight, we can improve our eye health more by eating foods that are good for our eyesight. Here are some food we can include in our daily meals so we can get enough Vitamins A, E and D, lutein (an antioxidant which helps in preventing macular degeneration and cataracts), zeaxanthin (another form of antioxidant),  zinc (a mineral that helps the body produce melanin which protects our eyes from the harmful effects of UV light), omega-3 fatty acids,








(photo credit: ivillage.com)

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  1. I love eating eggs and drinking milk. So that's why I have a very good eyesight.


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