05 February 2014

Mega Gift Card Giveaway Event This March

Sponsor by: Allergy Buyers Club

White Mountain Textile Bedding Gift Cards
First Prize-$100
Third Prize-$250

  1. Put this announcement post on your Blog inviting others to join this event (HTML HERE). 
  2. HTML for the event will be sent 1-2 days before the Giveaway starts on 1/30
  3. To participate you MUST promote 3x a week for the duration of the event or your links will be removed.

  • You get 1 Link free (Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin/)
  • Additional links $2 each (Twitter/Pinterest/Bloglovin/Facebook/Subscribe)
  • Comment Links $5 (May choose 1 post or a comment on anything option-1 per Blog please)
  • Co-host $10 (includes 5 additional social media links that will appear near the top of the Giveaway Tools form and back-link on all participating blogs-mention in HTML)
Please say you've been referred by Ria of Riablahgs.com. Thanks!  To sign up: Go HERE!


  1. Another giveaway for Swerve I think...lots of prizes for march 2014.

  2. awesome contest! reminds me of how i'm planning to have a contest by my birthday in march too :3

  3. It's nice how you've compounded the other social media tool into a mode of giveaway.

  4. The price is cool, ha. I am very particular about beddings because I tend to be allergic to practically everything lol (dust, shrimp, sun, wind hayyy

  5. Really9 nice, the prize will be a good addition to start the Spring makeover for bedroom,.


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