31 May 2014

Taste For Sweet's Vacation Package Giveaway!

The lovely and generous Taste For Sweet team is hosting this ultra-fantastic and fabulous Vacation Package Giveaway!

The Vacation Package Giveaway is love from 31 May up to 1 July, 2014 and valid for US/Canada, +18 residents.  What's more exciting is, not just 1 but 3 winners will have the chance to go to Paris for 2 with all these inclusions:

- Round-trip airfare for up to two (2) people to Paris, France
- Four-night stay at Hotel Chambiges Elysees, Paris
- One $500 dining credit to use at Philippe et Jean-Pierre Restaurant, Paris
- Round-trip airport/hotel transportation in Paris, France

Isn't that exciting?!? So, what are you waiting for? Join now!

Also, Taste for Sweet is a known curator of international sweet treats all over. Go over their site and check out their subscription boxes. You can use these codes to avail of their discount:

TASTEFORSWEETS25 : Receive 25% OFF when signing up for one of our monthly subscription plans

GIFTOFSNACKS25 : Receive 25% OFF when placing an order for one of our gift box options


Click on the image to go to their site:

To enter the raffle, please click on the Rafflecopter form below:

GOOD LUCK!!! And if you subscribed as well, enjoy your sweet treats from Taste for Sweets!


  1. wow!!! the winners must be very lucky to have a taste of fantastic and fabulous trip to Paris. Goodluck!!!!

  2. Wow! great giveaway.. Trip to Paris, that will be so romantic. And three winners too. How I wish to join ah.

  3. I would love to enter sis but then if I win I won't be able to afford to pay for additional two so I'll pass and give other's the opportunity instead.

  4. Wow! What an extravagant giveaway this is Sis Ria :-) Paris is one of my bucket list. Good luck everyone :-)

  5. I'd love to see Paris! Too bad, I wouldn't be able to join this giveaway because I don't live in the U.S. or Canada. Sigh!

  6. Wow! this is great! Paris is always my dream place. Good luck to those who will join :)

    Lysa of www.hellolysa.blogspot.com

  7. How I wish I could get a chance to join this giveaway but I'm not qualified. So all I can do is wish all participants good luck!

  8. Wow! This is an amazing giveaway! Good luck everyone! :)

  9. FYI: I just sent this e-mail to sverve - I guess you are experiencing the same issues:

    Hello Sverve Team!

    I am writing you guys cause I have problems with Taste For Sweets.

    I signed up for the campaign via Sverve. I have the ad up and running in my sidebar.

    They then asked me to host a giveaway on my blog. I did, but I'm about to take it down. I keep contacting them, but they never reply.
    You can find the giveaway here: http://www.grapefruitprincess.com/2014/06/vacation-package-giveaway-win-trip-to.html

    As you can see in the rafflecopter widget, there is a point "Visit Our Partners". But: if you go to their website, there are no links to partners.
    I keep getting e-mails from people who want to join the giveaway, but can't fulfill this requirement. I forwarded these e-mails, and wrote "Taste For Sweets" several more e-mails, but never got a reply regarding this issue.

    Next problem: The giveaway was supposed to end a couple of days ago. Now I checked back again, and they added another month. Now I get Facebook messages and more e-mails from people, who are angry and say it's not a real giveaway, and I just want to get the trafic on my blog. Which is not true. As you can see I even designed the graphic to promote everything on Pinterest.

    But I am in a very bad position now, because I am having this giveaway on my blog, but obviously it is just a hoax from "Taste For Sweets" to get their name out there and traffic to their site.

    What can we do to solve this issue? I don't want to risk my reputation in the blog world, just because of this.


Thank you for your comment.