05 July 2014

Ciinolin Baby Swaddle Review and Giveaway!

I grew up using gauze diapers and so is my daughter. I also used to swaddle my daughter with light, gauzy texture so she would be comfortable and secured without feeling too cold or warm. I know the feeling and texture of using soft materials that won't scratch your skin nor leave you too hot because air couldn't circulate. That's not the case in Ciinolin's Swaddles.

Why do we swaddle anyway?

Swaddling is a time honoured practice that helps soothe and calm babies. It provides them with a greater sense of security. Swaddling mimics the comforting feeling of being in the mother's womb. It is method to ease the transition of the babies into this world after they are born.

Why choose Ciinolin for your swaddles?

Ciinolin Swaddles are made from 70% rayon made from natural bamboo fibres and 30% cotton. That's why each of the swaddle is so soft and doesn't hurt your skin when you rub it. So, if I feel so comforted with Ciinolin's soft, light and airy swaddles, you can be sure that your baby will too.

Who is Ciinolin?

Ciinolin is the company behind these beautiful swaddles. It was founded under the belief that all things grow better with love, care and diligence. All their products support giving.  For every purchase you make, Ciinolin is committed to give away a fixed portion of income gained from the products sold. The portion of the profit goes to the lesser fortunate children and families around the world.  To know more about their endeavours, please visit this site: Ciinolin's Giving With Every Purchase

I truly believe this swaddle is great for mothers and their babies. I like the materials used and how soft they are. I also felt warmth and comforted when I tried it (of course, I did not swaddle myself. That will be too funny!) as a mini blanket during my afternoon weekend nap. I felt so secured. I probably even slept like a baby.  So, if you want to have this swaddles for your infant or a gift to a soon-to-be-mom or family members and friends who have recently given birth, this will be a great present. Check their products here: Ciinolin - Where to buy?


Our generous sponsor, Ciinolin, would like to giveaway 3 prizes to 3 lucky winners. The rules are pretty simple and so easy to follow but they are all mandatory. Just follow the entry required in the form below and you're good!

This giveaway is open to all US, Malaysia and Singapore residents.

This giveaway will be from 6 to 18 July, 2014. 

Good luck!


1 winner of  1 set of Cirebon Swaddles worth $45
1 winner of 1 Set of Madura Swaddles $45
1 winner of 1 set of My Memories Baby Step cards $15

Terms and conditions apply.


I was not monetarily compensated for this giveaway and review. I received the products for evaluation purposes. My opinion and findings are 100% mine and may vary from yours. I only review products that I believe will be beneficial to my readers and products that I like.


  1. Joined! Sana manalo ako. :)

  2. That looks absolutely adorable!!

  3. I know my niece used to swaddle her baby but I think she has stopped now. Too bad-I would have tried to win this for her.

  4. These sound pretty nice. I remember wrapping my babies up like that with receiving blankets. Anything that is soft against a baby's skin is awesome. I am sure much more comfort for them.

  5. I entered, i do hope to win soon I'll be able to use this

  6. This is a really nice giveaway. Good luck Ate LIza.

  7. Oh I wish baby pa ulit si bunso ko. Anyway I learned swaddling at the hospital and I agree it helped soothe and calm my baby. He slept better too.

  8. Good information is given here. I think the traditional ways are good, but moving on to something as soft as these will be a good experience for the mom and the baby.


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