01 October 2014

It's My Party's Holiday Gift Guide for 2014

This is my very first Holiday Gift Guide for 2014. I don't have any specific theme but I have focused in showcasing the products of talented artisans and small business owners that most commercialized malls and shops do not promote nor have. There are also products featured here that I have already tried and tested which I all love.

This years Holiday Gift Guide is comprised of products from sellers who promote creative flair for the adults and creative learning for the kids too, plus product discount codes from two of the companies featured in this Holiday Gift Guide. Don't miss those fantastic offers!

I hope to be able to continue this practice next year and the years to come with more sellers and products to introduce.

Without further adieu, here is It's My Party's Holiday Gift Guide for 2014!

***Some of the products in the list contain affiliate links.

 Stickers Kingdom
 Cute stickers, washi tapes, memo pads to use 
 for scrapbooking, on planners, for embellishing 
 paper projects and so much more!  

 Handmade soft animals, little dolls,  rag dolls,
and gifts for the little ones and even the young
at hearts. 

A fun and educational CD full of engaging sing
and dance numbers  to help kids learn a new
foreign language thru immersion method.
This is a great educational gift to give the
young ones.

Give the little ones this cute Olaf plush toy for
 the holidays! 
A fun shop to buy whimsical printed  backpacks
 for  kids, clothing, cosmetic brush rolls, drawstrings, 
baby bags,  book bags, makeup and toiletries bags
and other  accessories


Handmade non-toxic play dough in delicious and 
fun scents which are fun to play with minus the mess

Handmade dolls and stuffed animals
...all made with love!
Young tots will love this entertaining toy with 
colorful design and fancy, happy tunes

No fear! This tea set won't break so the little princess 
can enjoy endless hours of fancy entertainment as a 
princess hosting tea parties in her little castle. :)

Every budding little scientist will be happy to
receive this educational toy microscope to play
and learn new things
about Science 

Original quality hand made felt  creations from Italy

The safer alternative to headphones are these 
ultra-cool Jambanz. You just slap and wear it 
and hear your favorite music play. Jambanz 
wearable bluetooth speakers let your music move 
ith you – whether jogging, biking, skateboarding 
or playing outside. Jambanz wirelessly plays audio 
from your iPod touch™, iPad™, iPhone™ or 
bluetooth Android device to your wrist, backpack,
belt, handlebars, lamp… whatever you slap it to!

A great education toy to give the young ones to help them
develop cognitive skills and creativity.

Who wouldn't enjoy playing with Thomas Train 
and friends?

This wooden blocks set will teach young kids to be
 creative and their motor skills in building towers.

These Peppa and Family toy is so cute that even 
I would like to have a set!

Endless cuddles with this Fisher-Price Puppy means tons
of happy learning times!

This is the perfect gift to the little budding rocker. The
little one will sure have tons of enjoyment beating this
KidiBeats Drum set for hours.
This owl is so cute and so educational too! Give
the little ones something to cuddle and learn from
at the same time. 

 Cool recycled eco-crayons, journals and more!
Their products can also be used for wedding and
party giveaways or souvenirs.

  Don't make bath time boring! Give your kids or the 
young ones cute, cuddly and super soft towels from

Unique Amigurumi and Handmade Dolls for
all occasion

 Stickers, embellishments and so much
more for the creative kids out there

JORD Wood Watches
The company behind the famous wood watches 
 that will take you back to nature! Every watch is 
truly unique as not one wooden grain pattern 
will  be similar  to another.  These unique wood 
 watches are great gifts for men (and women too!).  
Check out their site for more product selections.

All handmade and natural soaps, cosmetics, 
 body and skin care products from Cork, Ireland.  The  
 company uses the highest quality natural ingredients,  
free from paraben and not tested on animals.

This is a nice gift to give to those yuppies and stylish 
 office workers in the family. High-quality leather and fine  
craftmanship go in every Cole Haan shoes.

This is a nice gift to give your college kids, 
nephews, cousins and other family members 
and friends who love to use backpacks. This 
is also a great gift for the yuppies who enjoy 
a casual backpack over formal bags.

A unique shop that offers eco-friendly 
alternative to leather good products. 
The products are made of cork which is 
100% sustainable and renewable. 
Other products are gadget cases and bags.

This is the ultimate gift to the adventure 
seeker out there! Take videos and put those 
fun adventures into awesome movie 
memories to show your families and friends!

The shutterbug's bestfriend!

What's a nice DSLR without a nice carrier 
bag to go with?

Beer Soaps make wonderful gifts for 
men and women! These soaps are made 
from home brewed beer and select craft 
beers from Maine and New England.

 Good Company Co. 
 Clothing/Apparel for Men 
and Women

 Unique perfume and cologne for 
men and women, handmade soap & more! 

 Modern crochet and knit accessories, perfect for 
 the trendy gals! Who says you have to sacrifice 
being fashionable and stylish even 
during the cold season?

Unique custom lockets with beautiful charms 
 that tell a story. Give this gift of love and beautiful 
memories all cased in a locket.

Natural, safe and effective skin care products 
to improve skin and delay the signs of aging

The ultimate tool to exfoliate the natural way. 
It uses micro-groove technology to lingering 
 skin cells and debris to unveil younger, fresher skin. 

All natural and handmade soap and beauty 

This is my favorite beauty creme! 
Vita Aeterna is a Canadian based cosmetics 
company specializing in anti-ageing and 
anti-wrinkle skin care treatments

for It's My Party readers: GIFTGUIDE2014

Use the code (in red) above for an 
additional 15% discount on any order from 
October till December 2014
Ships to Canada and US

Earrings below $ 100.

 Affordable jewelries for the ladies. A lot of
selection to choose from.

Victorian Rehab Designs 
 Restored vintage and antique 
 home furnishing 

 High-grade silicone bakeware products perfect
for baking those yummy Holiday treats!

  Handmade home accessories and decors
to beautify your home

  The eco-friendly glass straws which are better  
 option than plastic straws.  Glass Dharma has
 variety of glass straws to choose from. These
 straws are great for smoothies, juices, sodas
 and even for hot beverages so those with
 sensitive teeth can enjoy their drinks too! More
info about this product here.

 The leading brand for affordable yet 
high-quality  kitchen wares, kitchen gadgets, 
health gadgets and other appliances. 

  Handcrafted wreaths and home decor using yarn, 
felt flower, burlap and other crafty materials for 
holiday wreaths and home accents
More info in this article.

Beautiful handmade gifts for your home
 and well-loved hound
 Dress up your cute pooch with this Underdog
 costume or other fun and cute costumes from  BuyCostumes.com 
Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain
Even your pets need clean drinking water all-the-time!
This Drinkwell pet fountain will be the best suprise
Christmas gift to your furry pal.

SmartyKat CrackleChute Collapsible Tunnel Cat Toy
Cats have to exercise too and lounging on the sofa or
the cat post won't do any good. This tunner cat toy will
be a great way to exercise while having fun!

Solvit PupSTEP Plus Pet Stairs
Elderly pets can benefit from this pet stairs. It's a nice way
to let our pets still enjoy snuggle time with us without
hurting themselves by jumping on the bed and off again.
This pet stair will be a good addition to a household with
elderly pets.

Libre Tea
The perfect gift for the tea lovers out there
and for those who love their tea-on-the-go! 
Libre glasses have strainers, twist caps with 
various designs and are all double insulated to 
keep your tea hot for a long period of time while
 keeping your hands "burn-free." More information 
in this article.

 Simple, fun and very useful 
items and accessories for your computer 

 Costumes for the family, kids, teens, toddlers
and even  your lovable pets! Party supplies and
other Halloween and themed-party accessories are
also available.

The perfect place to find those personalized
gifts  for everyone!  Personal accessories, flasks,
baskets, mugs, cups, scented wax and oil warmers,
jewelries and bags are all right here!

 The place to buy your holiday cards, personalized 
 cards, wedding invitations, planners, journals, 
gift tags, calendars, business cards, notebooks, 
party supplies and even personalized gift wrappers!

This is a great gift idea for the bookworms who 
love to read their books electronically. Kindle 
ebook reader has wide variety of models to choose 
from - ink display, high resolution, touch screen 
type, you name it!

 The place to buy your life planners, notebooks,
weekly planners and calendars too. The designs 
of their products are fresh, colorful, lively and 
very functional. I love my Erin Condren 
life planner because I can organize everything
 in one planner. Check out more of 
Erin Condren's products online.

Nice wooden boxes for wines, wooden treasure 
chest purse, cigar boxes and easy-to-carry 
doll houses

 Unique stationery company specializing on planners for 
 weddings,  fitness, students, teachers, family and life

Aurorae prides itself on offering a wide variety 
 of products that  are both environmentally friendly 
 and safe for humans and animals. This is the place to 
buy your  yoga mats, towels, yoga apparel 
and other accessories to help you perfect 
your yoga sessions.

The place to get your personalized stationery, cards, 
events announcement cards, photo cards and 
business cards
Know more about this company and the many
 products it offers from  this article.
Avail of 25% off when you use this coupon code:
Coupon expires 11/12/2014

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  1. wow! a complete gift guide. all of the gifts mentioned above are irresistible :)

    1. Thanks Joy. They are all really nice. I love showcasing merchants with great craftmanship and handiwork. They deserve to be WELL-known. :)

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    1. I thought of that too Liza. :) I wish I had lots of blogging opps this month onwards so I can also avail of some of the discounts.

  3. Wow, that's a long list of Holiday gift guide, thanks for sharing sis. My daughter would love those love bubs.

    1. Do check the merchant out sis. The owner is a very nice person. So, I'm very happy to feature her Etsy shop here.

  4. wow you featured products from different etsy stores! i always loved browsing around etsy (my fave site next to pinterest! hehe), they always have wonderful handmade products and the owners inspires me more about my craft. oh, and i like that desk organizer from plumpaper! great list of gift guide there! :)

    1. I am a huge fan of Etsy sis Aine. I love supporting grassroots (if that is a correct term to use at this point) shops because they deserve that break most commercialized/profit-grabbing companies have.

  5. Thank you for this holiday gift guide. I always find it hard to think of the perfect gifts for my loved ones and you gave me ideas what to give them this Christmas.

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  6. I like browsing items for sale online. yes, you don't see some of these in the stores. Some local stores have nice gift items too. I love the Lady Bug kids towel. :)

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  95. THANK, THANKS, BIG, BIG THANKS to all who left their comments here. Thanks so much and I hope you took time to visit the merchants I have featured here as they deserve the recognition too. I believe in helping out small business and family-owned and ran business so they can thrive and also create jobs for other members of the community. Enjoy the gift guide! Until next Christmas! :)


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