28 November 2016

2016 Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle

I know that the holiday season is fast approaching. The money crunching is coming next and are we ready with our Christmas list? How about the budget? How would you like to stretch it further to get the most of your hard earned money this holiday season? What if I tell you that there's a way that you can actually do that? Got your attention? Read on...

Psst… can I share a little Christmas shopping secret with you?

If you’re not a fan of malls and you’ve already got that sense of impending doom as your gift list grows and your bank account balance shrinks (I know how that feels!), I’ve got really good news for you!

One of my favorite online companies loves to put together what they call “bundles” which is their way of saying “a crazy amount of value in one really affordable package”.

Well, they’ve created a special one just in time for the holidays! It’s called A Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle and here’s how it works…

For just $15 you get $180 in store credits from 12 online businesses that align with a simple, natural lifestyle.

You know those coupon books that schools and sports teams sell as fundraisers? It’s sort of like that, except that these aren’t coupons (they’re better!).

This year’s Very Merry Gift Certificate Bundle comes with $180 worth of gift certificates including:

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You literally get $15 gift certificates to put towards whatever you like from a dozen participating stores. All you’ll pay are standard shipping rates (which varies by store).
With your bundle, you’ll be able to purchase well-made, meaningful and clutter-free gifts like:

  • ethically-sourced coffees from around the world
  • photo products including wall decor, canvas wraps, prints and albums
  • classy custom-made bags, totes and camera straps
  • DIY craft kits delivered to your (or their) doorstep
  • eco-friendly reusable glass drinking straws
  • healing tallow skin balms and lip love
  • inspirational hand-lettered art prints
  • unique aromatherapy diffusers & jewelry
  • Kombucha bottles, supplies, and brewing kits

As long as you use one gift certificate, you’ll come out even. Use two and you’ve already gotten a great deal, worth twice what you paid!

The more you use, the more you save, all the way up to $165 free shopping dollars, so you can spend less while gifting well this Christmas.

The only catch? It’s available for just 7 short days, so you need to grab yours quick (and then, get shopping)! Last day to get yours is Monday, December 5th.

Learn more or get your bundle here.

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  1. A great way to have and to give especially during this time of the year when everyone needs.

  2. Such great savings you Will surely have. And the list of items to buy are indeed useful. The only catch though is for us to hurry and not to waste time.

  3. I'm not fan of malls during holiday but I like going to bazaars to check different products that I don't usually see in malls. I appreciate online shopping too because it saves me time. It is also nice to take advantage the sales, discounts and bundles like this, the only problem is the budget. :)

  4. All that shopping money for only $15! Sign me up. I still have a few days to spread the word around too. Thank you so much for sharing. You helped solve a yearly problem of mine.

  5. Only if that is applicable worldwide, I'll surely be joining. But hey, that's a huge saving huh! I would gladly love to check it. Also the program, is that applicable for eveyrone in the world?

    1. This is open worldwide. Some merchants deliver internationally too! And the affiliate program is open for all.

  6. It's really nice to know that a lot of merchants are now offering discounts, freebies and the likes, so the buyers have more choices and more savings..

  7. Gosh! with that $180, I can buy many stuff for my kids.

  8. I love Christmas shopping! Especially buying gifts for kids (mine and the others around me). Is this GC bundle available in the Philippines? I'd like to try it to save. :)

  9. I am so behinf with Christmas shopping this year. I just did not have time to do it early on. Thanks for this sis.

  10. Wow! This is indeed a magical way of spending $15. Could have bought this bundle if the products are locally available.

  11. oh! if only these GC bundle shopping is available in the Philippines. That's really a lot of savings :-)

  12. I haven't started my shopping yet but this certificate bundle is surely is a deal. Will look into more of this deal later Sis. Thank you:)

  13. Obviously, I've seen this too late but this is certainly a good deal.


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