05 December 2016

An Elf Themed Party

Are you planning a party these holiday season? Whether you’re planning a party for your little one or want to set a table for your favorite holiday helpers, these fun elf themed party supplies and novelty items will set the mood and make everyone a bit more merry this holiday season.

Elf Napkin - $6.95

Felt Elf Hat Hair Clip - $9.95

Elf Treats Cookie Mix - $19.95

Elf Large Crackers-error - $29.95

Elf Treats Mini Plates - $8.95


  1. I have never really introduced my kids to an elf thingy lol. Its never part of our tradition in Pinas kaya I didn't know how to integrate it.

  2. I would love to get my hands on that cookie mix! I love chocolate and this jar even says triple chocolate! How awesome is that!


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