08 May 2017

Review - Nu Skin Liquid Body Lufra

I am an old school kid when it comes to exfoliating. I only use a loofah or a washcloth to rub my skin clean. Yes, I grew up doing that. I would use other brand of exfoliating scrub gel but it did not yield the same effect of Nu Skin Liquid Body Lufra.

I tried the product last week and I am happy with the results. The first time I tried it on my dry arm skin, it felt so nice with a bit of cool feeling on the skin. Once it was rinsed off, my skin was soft and smooth. And that was just one application.

The Nu Skin Liquid Body Lufra is a gentle exfoliation scrub that smoothens rough areas in your body like your elbows, knees, nape area, your back, and even your soles if you like!

(My initial try with the product. No filter. No photo editing. I just added captions.)

Key Ingredients:

Walnut husks—finely ground to exfoliate and remove dry, rough patches of skin.
Aloe vera—soothes and nurtures skin.
Humectants—attract moisture and prevent dryness during the exfoliation process.

The effects on other users:

The Lufra makes for a nice Mother's Day gift too if you want your mom or the queen of your life feel precious with skin so soft and smooth. It's a nice way to detox your skin while you relax after a long day. Your mom or the queen of your life will surely feel special when they try this.

You can order this product from me as this is exclusive to Nu Skin but can be sold to public consumers.


For UAE/Phils.  - You can order directly from me, just leave me a message at mommaglama at yahoo dot com.

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I am a Nu Skin Independent Distributor. I have bought this product to test personally. My honest feedback is 100% all mine, including the before/after photo in this post. I only review products that I think and feel will be beneficial to my readers. 


  1. You have a beautiful skin and the scrub makes it even better.

  2. You can actually see the difference, i'm skeptical too because of so many products that is out there that helps you with you skin and so a result from someone is a great idea to see how effective the product is.

  3. this is interesting. I heard a lot of good reviews of this product line. Maybe I'll try them next time.

  4. I used rock hilod growing up, no loofah in the farm lol. Beautiful looking skin sis.

  5. Looks promising. Facial and body scrub are part of my weekly routine and I feel really great after.


  6. I'll recommend this to a friend who has chicken skin. Good luck on your new business, sis!

  7. I love body scrubs. I really feel so clean after using them and they also help make my skin feel soft and smooth. Haven't tried this one yet though. Looks promising!

  8. I never really had any extra skincare routine except "hilod" using stone. This is an interesting product and I would want to know more about it.

  9. I am addicted to scrubbing nowadays. This is a must try and I am also interested with reselling it. Added product my online shop.

  10. Wow this looks promising. I scrub once in a while and I have yet to find a body scrub that I really like. I might give this a try.

  11. It is crazy that you can see a difference and great that there is a cash initiative for you too. Do you know if it is cruelty free? x

  12. A great review and a great beauty product. One that I will look out for.


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