February 28, 2008

So Thankful

For the first time in months, I CAN SMELL AGAIN!!! Yippee!!! Why am I so elated about that? Here’s why…I was diagnosed with pneumonia and chronic sinusitis only recently. I never had sinusitis except for few sniffles whenever the weather changes. What started as a common cold ended up to be the worst sinusitis I know. Okay, so I am exaggerating but I am just glad that after 4 months of having bad colds and chronic coughing, I can definitely say that this day is the day I regained my sense of smell. I already thought my olfactory sense is useless because I have been to several doctors and they all say the same thing – common cold. If it’s just a common cold, then why do I still have it after all this time, after all the medications, after all the examinations and blood sampling? Finally, one doctor got it right! He gave me mega doses of anti-biotic and ascorbic acid and the best part is the long bed rest. Well, 5 days is normally short (actually it is equivalent to a very long period of time for me though for being away from work!!! yey!) but staying in bed for too long will give you bed sore! Believe me.
I am very thankful that I can smell again. I don’t care what kind of scent it is but I CAN SMELL! Often times I whine about something pungent is being cooked in the kitchen or a whiff of someone’s “natural odour” just passed my nose. Right now, I could care less about the kind of scent in the air. I am just thankful and glad that I am feeling better again.
So, as my penance for the days that I whinge about the bad scent around me, I will appreciate the different kinds of scent my nose will pick-up. Of course I will refrain from saying stuff about the weird scent or make squeamish faces when I do smell one. LOL! I will just sit there and enjoy the new-found bliss of being able to smell again (I just pray there won’t be any scent emitting from things and/or “place” I rue to imagine). Oh bliss!!!

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