March 15, 2008


36? Hmmm, what does that represent in my life other than just a number, a figure, a square root of 6, the product of 2 and 18, perhaps the number of wrinkles on my face (huh?), or the size of my expanding waistline (hehehehe…joke!), the number of weeks a mommy carry her baby in the womb, the atomic number of the element Krypton which surprisingly is the same weakness of Superman; a.k.a. Clark Kent, or the size of my shoes, or three of the most impressive Olympic performances in U.S. history have come from Big Ten representatives in factors of 36 (Jeff Smith,, or it’s someone else’s age?
Okay, you got me there. It’s moi! I have just turned 36 on this glorious day! I am officially reaching my prime…hahaha! So, what exactly does being 36 do to me? Physically, being 36 is starting to defy the rules of nature. I cannot be forever svelte (hello Spanx!!!!). The pull of gravity is proving it’s mighty power over my other physical attributes (and let us not get too specific there, ok? [wink!!]). I have laugh lines on my forehead, a few crow’s feet here and there, a fluctuating – oh! correction please – an almost non-existent metabolism, wobbly knees which keep me tripping all the time even when I am wearing flat shoes. And a lot more… On the other hand, there are positive contributions of being slightly older this year. I am more mature than last year; thanks to the rich and colourful experience in life that I was lucky enough to be presented with. I don’t care how sometimes my life has been riddled with obstacles and sometimes with great ease. I am glad I have reached 36 years of my life having battled many wars on principles, the emotional roller-coaster ride, the family squabbles over petty things, the I-am-so-lost in my career, the friends who have left, the loss of my dad…Ah, life can be so colourful at this point now. I have the right of passage to adulthood. I have seen most of what life has to offer me. I have become strong in my everyday dealing because I am getting old… and wiser.
I am thankful for this blessing because this is another year of living my purpose (whatever that may be). This is another year of planning and fulfilling activities. This is such an exciting phase in my life now because I am getting there, wherever “there” takes me. I am not the least worried about my age. I know it’s a big number but I am glad for this day because it’s my day! I am going to look forward to 37. Perhaps number 37 will bring more fun and pleasant surprises in my life as I sail away to broader horizon.
Oh yes, life cannot be any better than this. 36 – my new age as of today.
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