March 28, 2008

Germs and Hand Bags

I got an email from a friend about handbags. I thought it was the kind of mail where I get to view my favourite brands of handbags’ new “in” designs for the season. Well, so much for wishful thinking. Having read the email, I thought it is best to share it to all of you.
Did you know that our favourite LVs, Burberrys, Coach, Tods, Gucci, Balenciaga, Herme, Fendi, etc., etc., handbags are riddled with germs? Yes! Germs! Our handbags reaches many, many places and we randomly just plop them on the floors, worse is, floors of toilets! Guilty, are we? Okay, raise your hand! We know what’s inside our precious bags and unwittingly, not know what is on the outside other than the nice design and elaborate stitching. Germs thrive on our fave bags and these germs are the bad kind, mind you.
The toilet is not only the place we frequently leave our handbags on. The kitchen counter is another culprit, so is the shopping cart, floor of the car, floor of the office. You’ll be surprised to know that not only that our handbags are chock-full of bad germs, they also carry germs such as pseudomonas (can cause eye infections), staphylococcus aurous (can cause serious skin infections), and salmonella and e-coli. These germs can make people very sick and that people is US! Not only that, it may also have faecal contamination due to the fact that we plop our bags in the toilets as well.
After reading this, I have religiously carried anti-bacterial wipes and tissues just in case I need to use the toilet. I always put a clean tissue on top of the counter before I put my bag on it. I know that it may ruin the appearance of my leather bags but I don’t care. I care for my health more than the bag even if I paid my entire life’s worth of saving on that one! I am more cautious now. I even bought leather cleaners to clean my leather bags at night or whatever I have used on that day. Every day after coming from work, I try to change to another bag too. Also, learn to use the hooks as much as possible. When on the car, put the bag on the seat at the back if you have to.
The handbags won’t kill us (well, if we will talk about the price though, it’s another story all together) but it has the potential to make us seriously ill especially if we put it close to areas where we prepare food or have food unconsciously.
You wouldn’t like to take home a bag where it has been exposed to so many elements like individuals who have coughed, sneezed, spat, vomited, urinated, emptied bowels…(ewww!), would you?

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