March 28, 2008

My Furry Blog Friends

I was browsing through numerous wonderful and extremely entertaining blog sites in the net lately and I stumbled upon a cute site about 2 teddy bears. Their musings are quite warm and fuzzy; something that will leave you in awe.
I showed the blog site to my daughter and she loved the site so much that whenever I check my ‘neighborhood’, she’d always prod me to check the site of my new teddy bear pals (and of course, their ‘human’) to know what they were up to.
I promised their ‘human’ that I’d send photos of my daughter’s fave bears. She actually has gazillions (okay, just an exaggeration, but she does have plenty of bear toys that I have to give some away for other kids to enjoy) of stuffed teddy bears in all shapes and sizes. Last night, we posed the favored bears and took nice snaps to show to their new furry friends and hoping they would like them.
Here are the snaps we took:

a. The bear gang (& extras)
b. Princess (the “royalty” in the gang, she lost her sceptre though)

c. Pinky
d. Rosie (holding a rose, they are sisters because we bought them the same time…)

e. Hugsy (who loves to hug)
f. The “extras” – Gigi the Giraffe and Nana Ducky (they are great pals to these cute bears and love to hang around with them all the time)
Oh, before I forget, our new furry friends’ names are Teddy and Pencil. You may visit their blog at

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