March 1, 2008

Rock Art

My daughter has passion for wielding the paint brush and painting almost anything she can get her hands on. She used up all the kitchen rolls and painted them with all the colors of the rainbow! Thank goodness she hasn’t grabbed any of my favorite shirts yet to use as canvass for her budding creativity.
Their Grade 4 class had picnic in the park last Thursday and when she went home, her bag was twice as heavy. I found some nice semi-polished rocks in her bag which she picked up from the park. She carefully washed them and towel-dried. She then scurried to collect her painting gadgets and called her papa many times that night asking for a modelling clay. I was just watching her and wondering, “What in a world is this little person up to?”
As she propped herself on the floor without a care in the world (still in her uniform and all!), she took the dried rocks and colored them like crazy. She asked me about what I wanted so I told her this and that. She nodded and went back to her own world of painting. After several minutes which to me seemed like eternity, she showed me her rocks. They were the cutest rocks I have ever seen.
Here’s why…
Mrs. Lady Bug and Buzzy Bee

Sworly Stone

and last but not the least, her gift to me…because I wanted a dog so she gave me a pup rock! Come to think of it, when you look closely, the rock looks like my pet pug – Rambo… so cute!!!

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