April 15, 2008

Life's Escape

Life can be pretty messed up at times. There are moments of glory akin to winning a lottery and there are times of slump like you just lost what you’ve won in one go. Well, I see life like a keyboard that you keep pressing, sometimes tinker hardly and sometimes lightly to see the results on the screen. The screen is the life and the keyboard is us and that small little button on the upper left-side corner is the ESCAPE (ESC)…just in case you need to bail out.
Not all of us have this innate ability to draw strength from the difficulties we face. That is why we have those who resort to shady activities, end up in rehabs, run away from problems, and worse – perish. However, some people are resilient to these hardships that whatever blow comes their way, they become strong. They are driven to rise on the challenge. How I wish we are all like that. Determined. Strong-willed. Persevering.
In my life, I’ve been dealt with many terrible circumstances, often difficult and jarring but I somehow come out of them in one piece. Much stronger I must say. I have learned many things from the times I have stumbled, the mistakes I have done, and the bad choices I made in the past. What made me strong is the faith I have and the belief that things will come to pass no matter what. I also offered many prayers asking for strength that I will come out of the situation a better person. I basked on the support of family and friends who covered my back when I thought the world had abandoned me. I psyched myself to think only of positive images which also aided me in overcoming the pitfalls of life. All these I did on my own to see and appreciate that I am truly blessed – problems or none. You see, we all have to go through a rainy April to find a flowering May. There is so much in life so let’s enjoy. I hope that we don’t have to press that ESC button next time we face difficulties. Like what our Lord said: “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)
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