April 4, 2008

The Anatomy of Sculpey Bear

Oh no, this is not those gory kind of article you will read about graphic violence and sordid mutilation. Well, it’s another clay art project of my daughter which I am proud to present to everyone.
Special thanks to a good blogger pal whom I met through blogcatalog.com – Artsyclay (a.k.a. Judith of www.artsyclay.blogspot.com) who directed me to a wonderful site about clay arts. My daughter has been nagging me for weeks on end for a good kind of clay to work on. Unfortunately, there is limited arts and crafts supply here. I was surprised to find one clay project of Sculpey at my fave bookstore – Magrudy’s. We decided to make a bear clay as a present to our good pals Teddy and Pencil (www.two-little-bears.blogspot.com) and their human, Yukiko (Thanks Yukiko for featuring our precious bears in your blog site recently! ). Below are photos of the formation of the Sculpey Bear; hence, he shall be named Sculpey.

My “Princess” moulding the clay.
Above is the anatomy of Sculpey Bear chart.

Below is the picture of Sculpey before baking:
and the “baked” Sculpey Bear.

If you want to know more about clay arts, please visit this site: www.sculpey.com or to view more of clay projects, you may also check my blog friend’s site I mentioned earlier.

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