May 9, 2008
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Delayed Art Project

My daughter spent a great deal of effort and “love” preparing her clay arts few weeks ago for me to feature here. Unfortunately, our bake and clay art project went awry. =(
We followed exactly the instruction of baking the clay as we have previously done on her crafty bear and desserts on my earlier posts. Something went amiss.
I don’t want to show the picture as they are all brown and black now like overcooked cookies! So, I’ll buy new sets of Scupley clay kits again when time permits, hopefully this week, so I can ask my daughter to create another set of clay projects to showcase.
Meanwhile, if you have great projects to show us where we can learn a lot from, please feel free to leave me a post here or send mail at: <a href=””></a>.
My daughter and I will be happy to view your projects and leave wonderful comments too!
Have a great arts and craft day!

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