May 30, 2008

On Patience

Patience bears a sweet fruit, Ria.” A friend once told me. I often have to understand why the need to endure sufferings and to wait it out until everything is rosy.
I have my fair share of difficulties in the past, both personal and professional. I went through tumultuous year, after year, after year. I thought the onslaught of disappointments and strings of heartaches would never abate but my families and true friends told me to hang in there. I did.
I look back at the past and recall the times when these hardships seem unbearable but through prayers and devotion, I managed to come out of my darkest moments in life. I learned to be patient and discern what God has in store for me. I learned to guard myself and practice caution in all that I say and do. I learned that not getting a promotion and recognition at work would not result to the end of the world. I learned that there were others out there who suffered more than I did. I learned to wait.
Just like the passing of a storm, the sun shines with its golden glory. I told myself to at least give my best shot and one day, the kleigh lights will be on me.
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