June 17, 2008

Body Jam at Fitness First

Ohhhhhhhh…….. My whole body aches! I don’t know why I ever said yes to my friends to do this Body Jam thing in the first place! Body Jam…what? I thought it was just a simple jumping jacks, calisthenics, stretching and a little aerobics. Oh boy! I didn’t think it would involve jumping around like a crazy willow to the tunes of the latest hip-hop beat. Wow! I looked weird dancing although I looooovvvvveeeee to dance. I really do but not the hip-hop steps. I managed to follow the routine but I still felt awkward each time I glanced at myself on the mirror. Hehehehe.
All for the glory of losing weight! I had to subject myself to do hip-hop steps for the sake of health. It’s not a bad thing though. I actually had fun but I guess I am more into graceful movements like Tango, a little Salsa perhaps, or even waltz.
I just want to credit Fitness First here in Dubai (the one in Festival City) for the nice dance routine. I would also like to give my commendations to the female, Filipina instructor who seemed to have endless energy for showing us how to “bust a move.” Nice one!
My friends are asking me again for another session tomorrow. While I am tempted to say “yes” to that, I guess I’ll take a rain check for now. I’ll just run on my treadmill tomorrow…
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