June 10, 2008

On Conscience

Conscience is defined as being cognizant of the moral or ethical aspect of one’s conduct by preferring to do what is right. As for my opinion, conscience is knowing that you have not done anything at the expense of others to get where you are (sort of leeching your way up the ladder by sucking the vibes of others).
I know certain people who, without remorse, step on others to feed their ambitions, derailing other people’s interest for their own. This is certainly unacceptable but because they get away with it, it becomes a norm.
I don’t want to be righteous by questioning the moral fibre of their being, but how do they do it? I mean, hurt others just because they seem they are infallible. I know only One who is infallible and that is God.
Really, I wonder how some can play the game. How do they sleep at night other than closing their eyes??? Hmmmm…. This conscience thing really racks my brain.

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