June 17, 2008

The Attack of the Gorilla

Gorillas are known to be dominant species in the animal kingdom. They have their own leaders who protect their group, love the attention, making all decisions and mediating conflicts in their group. I find great similarity of these attributes to some distinct humans I have encountered in my life.

Over the years, I have come across people in all walks of life manifesting dominance.You can classify them as the bullies in school, the muggers, parents, siblings, a friend, relatives, political leaders, clients, co-workers and bosses. They are practically everywhere. A gorilla in the midst…
I’ve seen how these “gorillas” work when they try to impose their authority on you. They make you feel insignificant. Sometimes their domineering attribute borders violation of your principles and dignity. If you will note on my earlier post on “conscience“, their behaviour can make you wonder how they find it in their “gorilla” hearts to do such things and still they get away with those atrocities. How perplexing!
Mind you, the real animal acts out its dominance to protect its group but the human “gorilla” protect his or her best interest. These are the kind of gorillas you have to watch out for. They are out there in the jungle of LIFE.
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