June 28, 2008
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What's the buzz on Kung Fu Panda?

I am like a 5 year old kid when it comes to watching cartoons. For me, a cartoon world is such a fun place to be in. You can do whatever you want!
My friends have been talking about this movie and has even prodded me and my family to watch it. I have seen the billboards and some advertisements about the movie but when it comes to “flying kicks” and “kicking stuff,” I am quite off the charts. I just don’t get it. However, much to my chagrin, last Saturday we decided to watch the movie because we can’t watch Prince Caspian because (apparently) it was too violent for the younger audience. Ok, fine by me and off we went to Kung Fu Panda instead.
Well, I was not disappointed at all! I loved the movie so much. I guess I must have laughed louder than my daughter! Sheeesssh… I’m pretty embarrassed now (see, I’m tickled pink!). Really, I was laughing my nice bum off . Now I know why it’s much buzzed about. Take a look at these:

Not only that it’s comical and on-the-spot funny, it has a moral as well. Believe.
(all photos from Dreamworks)

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