July 12, 2008

The Garbage Collector

Meet the Garbage Collector…and that will be me! Yes, me. I have been known in my circle as the environmental-freak which amazingly; I don’t find offensive at all. I love what little contributions I make to help this world become a better place. I do my wee part to “heal” Mother Earth. If there are offers in the malls or groceries to use jute or recyclable bags, I am sure to have one. I try my best to buy and support manufacturers who promote “green” products. I use Blackle when I browse the net. I re-use, reduce, and recycle whenever possible. That’s the reason why I am a garbage collector. Literally, I rummage through our office’s bins (well, those are not the dirty bins because we just throw cartons, cartridges and used papers there) and collect waste paper which can still be printed on or used as scratch papers. I would love to get the laser printer cartridges though but I may be slapped with an admin case for pilfering…hahahaha! I oftentimes clean the shredding machine and use the shredded papers as beddings for my little and cute, fatso guinea pigs! I sort our thrash at home and have enlisted the support of my able followers (hehehehe…who else but my family) to help sort cans, glass and plastic bottles which I painstakingly drop at the nearby recycling plant here. I really do my part and I am happy doing it.
Well, just a sample of how my usual garbage collection goes, here are snaps taken in the office. So, here I am, the teeny-tiny garbage collector of Dubai!

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