August 31, 2008
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I've Got The Look

One might ask me, how did I snatch the attention of my husband while we were blessedly single? My response, “I’ve the Look.” Well, modesty aside, my feature is not unpleasant so I guess I might have lured him with my Victory Hair.
I always hear from my guy pals how much they love girls with long hair, so my hair then was a big factor. The swaying and the twirling must have gotten him – hook, line and sinker! Now that my hair is shorter, I still try to give him my best look with matching blowing kisses!

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Honestly, there are plenty of ways to get the attention of your special interest. One does not necessarily have to be vulgar or too showy, but a discreet method can be observed as well. Various body language, the twirling of the hair with your finger, the swaying from side to side, the touching of your ear lobes while speaking to someone, the sweet smile, the long gaze, the slight contact of bare skin on the arms are enough to ignite a spark! That’s the subtle art of flirting and in a modest way. Well, I have not done all of those but I guess the long gaze is my best weapon. You see, the eyes are windows to our soul and the eyes can convey what the heart feels. So use that gazing power to your advantage and see what happens!
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