September 19, 2008

She said, He said, They said

Words get misconstrued when passed on from one mouth to the other and to the other and so on; same way gossips are passed around.
A lot of people find gossiping a recreation. Others engage in gossiping just because they want to get the scoop or they are curious but others’ intent is pure malicious. I have met so many of these malicious people and believe me, they can ruin one’s reputation faster than a speeding bullet. I cannot fathom the depths of their intention to ruin somebody else’s life just because they want to talk about it. There are stuff that when told to you, you just keep mum about it. It’s like the adage “some things are better left unsaid.” For whatever reason, these gossipers just don’t get that point.
There are far more worthwhile activities out there to engage in rather than badmouth somebody. Let’s keep ourselves busy with something pleasant.
How do you stop a person from gossiping?
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