October 7, 2008

Five Financial Tips When Saving For Your Dream Home

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Buying a dream home is a very significant step for most people. It can seem impossible to come up with that all-important deposit, especially when you have to pay rent in the home you are currently living in, but with a good plan it is entirely doable. You will need to be proactive to achieve your goal, but it is very possible.

Building a new home can be a surprisingly inexpensive option. The advantage of building a new home is that you get to choose the design and colours you like. To get a good idea of prices and floor plans click here and check out what’s available.

With some good financial planning, including a solid and well thought out savings plan, you can turn your dream home into a reality.

Start Now

The sooner you begin saving for your dream home the sooner you will reach your goal. Don’t put off starting your savings plan until you get a better job with a higher income. Start where you are now and when your circumstances improve you will already have some savings in the bank.

Create a Dream Board

The best way to stay motivated to save is to have your dream in front of you. Spend time looking at different houses and choose something that you really love. Print out pictures of your dream home or make a life-like sketch of it and place them on a board. This becomes your dream board. It should be placed in a prominent place where you will see it daily. Your dream board will help keep you motivated to save.

Spending: Do You Really Need It?

Every time you go to make a purchase outside of your absolute needs, take a moment to think: do I really need this? This question will help stop you from making spare of the moment purchases that may thwart your savings plan. Clever marketing is designed to entice us into impulse buying. By stopping and asking if you really need or want something, you will save money.

Do a Course on Money Management

There are some excellent courses available on money management. Do some research and enrol in a course designed to teach you the skills to handle money well. There are experts out there who have tried and true strategies to help you in your quest to save money. Utilise their services.

Make a List of Your Spending

Make a note of everything you spend for a month. You will be amazed at what you spend money on. It’s often the little things that end up adding up to a lot of money, things like coffee and candy bars. These are not essential and you may decide to cut back on this spending once you see how much it is costing you.

Save First

Put a certain percentage of your pay in a savings account before you even see it. It may only be one or two per cent but it will add up and if you don’t see it, you won’t miss it.

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