October 20, 2008

Pure Organic Green Tea Matcha Review #greentea

** I received this product for free for evaluation purposes. My feedback is 100% mine and may vary from yours.

The first time I have tasted matcha was during our family trip to Japan. It was everywhere, from the KitKat Matcha flavoured chocolate to cupcakes and cakes to lattes and smoothies. So, I am very thankful to receive this organic matcha powder to try at home because I love matcha and it is a healthier option to drink rather than colas or those sugary fruit juices.

100% Pure Organic Matcha is a nice-tasting beverage to have if you want to skip on the sugary sodas and fizzy drink. Aside from it being natural and free from sugar additive, it is a better and healthier option to have when you feel like drinking juices, sodas and caffeinated drinks.

(This is my iced green tea matcha which I prepared with few ice cubes, low fat milk, and matcha powder. I used a blender in the pulse setting and it was yummy!)

As for the taste, it has a very distinct green tea taste without being too bitter and it’s even great just plain with hot water for a good latte instead of drinking caffeinated coffee or tea. You can actually skip the sugar when preparing this green tea matcha as it is already flavourful. I used a small amount of low fat milk to make my iced green tea matcha latte drink. It was really yummy!

The texture of the matcha tea is soft and very powdery and when you prepare your drink, it doesn’t clump as long as you mix it well with hot water if you prefer to make a hot green tea matcha latte.

It is easy to prepare and when you purchase this product, it comes with a free e-book of green tea matcha recipes you can try not only for preparing your matcha tea but also for baking, smoothies and latte.

It is 100% organic and free from chemicals and preservatives.

It is very high in antioxidant EGCg which is known for its cancer fighting properties. And aside from being rich in antioxidants, it also have health benefits like boosting one’s memory, provides energy because it also contains the amino acid called L-Theanine which is great for focys and memory, stimulates metabolism, and has fat blocking and calorie burning properties too.

1 pouch has a net weight of 4 oz (113g) and has a resealable zip-lock.

Where to buy:

You can purchase this product from here.

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So don’t forget to purchase this amazing matcha green tea here and enjoy it’s rich taste packed with nutrients, memory and metabolism booster, fat blocker and calorie burner and powerful oxidant.

I highly recommend this 100% pure organic matcha green tea powder. It is also great for baking, smoothies and latte.

Try it now.

You can download a free matcha recipe here: http://619.be/2naq

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