November 21, 2008

Online Games

I love playing games online and it is a recreation I consider worth doing. I do shell out extra bucks to get licenced games rather than downloading free games from shady sources. I did that one time and got terribly hit by a planted virus on the application I downloaded. I learned my lesson the hard, painful way which caused me to buy a new laptop. Arrgghhh!

The kind of online games I play varies from RPGs, simulation, time management, puzzles, slot machines and words. Sometimes I check sites for tips, online casino reviews, latest releases and when I am really, really stuck in a game and cannot find my way out, I also consult other players’ cheat codes (hehehe…). There are so many interesting and educational games as well that we all enjoy in the family and not just myself. There are those detective games where you gather clues and solve the mystery. My favorite of all is finding objects. I just love those hidden objects which are already right before your eyes and yet you cannot make out. Makes me pay attention details more.
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