December 3, 2008

Booties For Summer

Summer may be hot and many will be sweating because of the temperature and humidity. Clothes are lighter and the same goes to what shoes to wear for summer.

Summer will be the right time to wear those strappy sandals, flip flops and peep toes. However, did you know that even your booties can be worn during the hot summer months? And why not? There are some booties that have openings on the side, perforations that allow air to circulate, and even peep toe style to let your feet breath. Those types of booties will be a perfect hit even on the hottest summer months!

So, take out those cute booties you have in the closet and wear them. Make them ready to transition to the coming fall!

Below booties are just few of the styles you can wear even on summer. So, don’t limit your booties during winter and fall and wear them well with your favourite casual get up, and even those summery dresses. You look fab!

(Photo credit: credit to the owners of these photos)

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