December 17, 2008

Review – Premium Delicates Laundry Bags from InsideSmarts #laundry

I have other laundry bags in different sizes and meshes. Some are larger mesh while the others are not too small mesh and all of them – either ripped on some parts because they snagged or  the zipper slides open during the wash cycle and spews all the contents out or the lint goes inside and gets stuck on my other clothes. Who likes that anyway?

So, I am very glad to have this Delicates Laundry Bag from InsideSmarts because it is the perfect laundry bag for the types of delicate undergarments, clothes and other heavy fabric clothing I wash.

What I like:

  • It has very fine mesh.
  • It keeps the lint out of the bag.
  • The clothes inside are untangled after the wash cycle.
  • There is a zipper guard to keep the zipper closed and in lock mode.

  • It comes in 2  (medium and large) sizes in a set of 4 in one pack.

  • It has 1 black laundry bag to accommodate the colored clothing.
  • It protects my clothes and delicates from getting tangled with other clothes in the wash cycle.
  • It is heavy duty and it can stand even the heaviest setting in your washing machine.
  • It dries up fast.
  • It’s durable. I tired using 2 bags for heavy fabric clothing and used the “heavy” setting in our washing machine. The bags were still in perfect shape and has no snag at all. Pictures below show my laundry bags in the normal setting of my wash cycle.

  • You can register your laundry bags at to secure your 365-day guarantee for any manufacturing defect as printed on the packet.

What I don’t like:
Nothing! I love these laundry bags.

2 Medium: 12″ x 15″ & 2 Large: 16″ x 19″

My recommendation:
Definitely recommend this to families who have various types of laundry. Not only does it keep your clothes and delicates safe, snag-free and even lint-free, it is very durable and the zipper is locked in place so no more fear of getting all those precious delicates spilled in the washing machine along with your other clothes.

This product is available at Amazon. You can know more about this product by watching their YouTube video:

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