January 15, 2009

Losing My Creative Streak

It’s been a while since I last created a card or scrapbook project. I just stare at my numerous patterned papers, paper flowers, various glues, embellishments, ribbons, art pens, electronic cutter and so much more. They are gathering dust and I cannot bring myself to use any of them nor sell them.

I think and feel that my creative streak is slowly seeping out of my system. I am just too preoccupied with many pressing matters that I don’t have time to sit on my desk and really think hard on what I can create out of my passion. And speaking of passion, it’s one thing that also scares me right now. I don’t have the urge to create anything.

I am already contemplating of selling my unused and barely used craft items to some people who deserves them. I feel bad to put them in a box and label “craft items” only to be put into oblivion later on. I’m really sad that this is happening to me but I can’t explain what it is nor have an iota of a doubt why it’s happening. All I know is that, I don’t have the time, the energy and the creative mojo to make something. If this is a phase, I don’t know how long I will be in this hiatus. I’m concerned and a bit worried because it’s not me. I always have the drive and energy to commit to something I am deeply passionate about. If this is the case, does this mean, I no longer have the passion to be creative? Bummer…

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