January 1, 2009

Party Smart To Feel Great And Avoid Hangovers

Nothing puts a damper on the party spirit like worrying about whether tonight’s festivities are going to turn into tomorrow’s hangover. But there are ways to enjoy all the sociability and fun of adult beverages without sacrificing a day to recovering. Here are some tips that can take the pain out of the day after.

Remember that it’s easier to avoid a hangover than to deal with one. Taking precautions before you start partying is a much more effective tactic than trying to find a cure for the nausea, headache, and depression that a full-fledged hangover entails.

Eat before you drink. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach is a bad idea for several reasons; without food to act as a buffer, the alcohol will absorb more quickly, you’ll feel tipsy much more quickly, and the hangover-producing effects of alcohol will be much stronger. Foods that are high in both fat and carbohydrates are the best choice, because they’ll do the most to slow the absorption of the alcohol and reduce the production of acetaldehyde, the chemical that’s believed to be responsible for hangover symptoms. Pizza is a great choice for a pre-party meal, but a tuna sandwich made with plenty of mayo will also do the trick.

Drink only one type of alcohol. An evening that includes beer, wine, whiskey, and gin may sound like a great night out, but it’s a recipe for a whopper hangover the next day. The more diverse elements your body has to process, the greater the hangover potential, so decide on one type of alcohol and stick to it for the entire evening. Bonus tip: dark colored alcohols like red wine, whiskey, brandy, and bourbon have a higher hangover potential than light colored alcohols like gin, white wine, and vodka.

Stay hydrated. This is particularly important, because alcohol is a diuretic and many of the typical hangover symptoms are caused by dehydration. Start by drinking plenty of water before you go out, and try to alternate water and alcoholic drinks throughout the evening. If you’re fond of cocktails, it’s a great idea to stick to ones made with healthy alcohol mixers like Vling Hydration Mixers which provide electrolytes to keep you hydrated.

Drink responsibly. Moderation is key; using your head tonight will definitely help you avoid a hangover tomorrow.

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