June 16, 2009

Benefits of Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring Device to Athletes

Are you an athlete? Are you into high performance sports where your movements, gait, speed, power, and force are important? If you answered yes in all the questions, then you will benefit from the Remote Performance Measurement/Monitoring or RPM2™ in short.
RPM2™ is a new technology used by coaches and athletes to measure the performance by providing data taken from:
  1. Range of motion
  2. Force
  3. Power
  4. Gait

The four components are taken during workouts and practice sessions.
It is a remote force-measuring shoe insole used to help correct mechanics and form of athletes.  Aside from being a brand new technology in the sports industry, it is also the first foot-bed power meter in the world.

Why is this beneficial to athletes?

  • It provides data during the workout to help enhance movement, gait, force and power better.

  • It helps the athlete and the coach to know more about the bilateral force of the left and right part of the body, including the limbs to gauge performance. 

  • It helps reduce the chances of getting injury during sporting events. 
  • It helps the athlete meet his or her full potential by understanding better the mechanics of the performance; therefore, allowing the coach and the athlete to device ways to improve the motion, force, power, gait, weight balance and step time. 
  • It is user-friendly so it does not complicate the process of measuring the athlete’s performance.
  • It is non-intrusive. It is an insole that is inserted in an athlete’s shoes so it can stay hidden during the entire workout or practice session.

  • It provides fast, and accurate data to help athletes improve their movements.
  • It is a lot cheaper than hiring the services of analysts to gather data from an athlete’s performance.

With all these benefits, the RPM2™ is a good performance device to own by coaches and athletes without sacrificing too much on unnecessary costs on data analysis, medications and treatments for injuries which can be reduced with the help of the  RPM2™ device.

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