September 15, 2009

Don't Be A Bystander – GiveForward

It is really sad what the world is coming to. We are facing so many obstacles to survive and fight for our freedom. It seems like everyone is fighting their own battle. And we tend to get lost in the midst of all the madness. And then I ask myself, where is compassion in all these challenges that we are facing? Have we lost it all?

I believe in the kindness of humanity and I feel there is compassion in everyone, if we can only prod people to walk in the shoes of those who face life’s difficulties in magnitudes we may not even understand but we can certainly try if we will not stand back and watch others suffer.

This is where GiveForward lets the magic happen by getting involved in ways that we may not think possible but it can be done.  GiveForward is a fundraising initiative of people who wants to help people, of people who do not want to be a “bystander” and just let injustice prevail and others suffer when there are things that can be done and one of that is to start a fund drive to benefit those who are affected.

What is this Bystander effect?
According to studies, the more people who see people who need help, the more chances that these people actually do not offer any. The need to give aid is inversely proportional to the number of people present in the situation.

Knowing that know, would you still like to be called one of the bystanders when a situation arise and a genuine need for assistance is requested? What will you actually do?

One of the many fundraisers started at that time was for the newlywed – Pat and Jess, who lost their legs in the bombing. Many people were outraged by the senselessness of the bombing but these people did not end to just being upset and sorry for what had happened that day. They started a fund drive to raise almost $900K for them, making sure that they would never have to worry about any of their medical expenses as they deal with their new life with prosthetic legs.

We saw it again when Jeff Martin, a Michigan State fan, read a story about the friendship between Michigan State star basketball player, Adreian Payne and 8-year-old Lacey Holsworth who was battling an arduous fight with the big C. He didn’t know either of them personally, but he decided he wasn’t going to be a bystander and instead started a GiveForward page for Lacey. The fundraiser raised over $100K to help with Lacey’s medical bills and was again, able to prove that magic can happen when we chose to act.

And now, GiveForward wants this magic to happen for the 14 year old boy that was subjected to bullying and a disgusting prank. It breaks my heart that people can be so mean to other people. What is hard to fathom is that the victim is a young lad with autism. I have friends whose kids have autism and it pains me to see how despicable young people can be to victimize a person whose innocence and trusting nature will only be destroyed by young adults whom I pray will not become leaders of our nation! I can imagine the pain this boy endured and more so, his family. I am a mother and it pains me to see kids being subjected to cruelty at a young age. No one should ever go through life’s injustices and violence. No one.

We, as human beings capable of having compassion must not stop in knowing what is happening – we should get involved.  I now in my heart that I may not make a big difference in the world but I can certainly make a difference to a certain boy who needs one. Check out Fundraiser and the campaign set up for the 14 year old boy and be counted. Share it to your social network and let others know that it’s okay to help, it’s okay to show compassion and it’s okay to stop and eradicate bullying, violence and other injustices perpetuated by disturbed individuals.

GiveForward has already helped a great number of people whose lives were changed due to unforeseen circumstances and by the course of human nature. And GiveForward will do it again and again because we should not be alone in our battles.  There is HOPE and we should believe in it.

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