September 21, 2009

Food Should Taste Good – Brown Rice Crackers

Food Should Taste Good is one of my family’s favorite brand of snacks. There’s so much variety to choose from their product line and so far, we have tasted all the flavours available in their Pita Puffs, Kettle Cooked and now, the Brown Rice Crackers.

There are 3 new flavours under the Brown Rice Crackers line from Food Should Taste Good namely:

  • Peppercorn Blend
  • Roasted Red Pepper
  • Tomato and Basil

The original Sea Salt is one of the flavours we prefer and my favorite is the Tomato and Basil. The latter has that distinct Basil taste which I love and it’s not very overpowering and not salty at all. The same goes with the other new flavours. They are not very peppery and spicy. For me, they just have the right blend of pepper to make them tasty.

The texture of the Brown Rice Crackers is a bit crunchy when first bitten and becomes a bit smooth once you’re chewing it. I find it quite interesting.

The good thing about Food Should Taste Good snacks is that they are not salty and definitely a better option for a healthier snack as most are oven baked chips compared to the commercial snacks you buy at the grocery.

There are plenty of ways to have these Brown Rice Crackers. I actually love crushing them and topping them on my salad for added crunch and flavour. I also dip them in low-fat cream or flavoured cheese or eat them with a small cut of low-fat cheddar cheese. Yummy!

These snacks are available nationwide and you can find more details in Food Should Taste Good website. You can also order online.

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I received these treats from Food Should Taste Good for evaluation purposes. My opinion and feedback are all based from my findings and are all 100% mine. It may vary from yours. I only review products or services that I like and will find beneficial to my readers.

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