October 21, 2009

How To Optimize Your Wedding For Social Media

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding – even more that most couples realize. Affianced men and women spend months looking for the perfect dress, the perfect tuxes, the perfect venue, and (of course) the most delicious cake. It is a literal labor of love; after all, when the planning is over they will get to celebrate their love for one another, along with all their family and friends. However, there is one element of wedding planning that until recently had gone unnoticed: social media.

Creating a social media presence for your wedding ceremony may seem like an odd idea at first, but it is an idea that is quickly gaining traction as millennials say “I do.” Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are how we stay connected in the technology age. Documenting your nuptials is a great way to save the memories for posterity, as well as sharing your special day with out-of-town loved ones or others who couldn’t be there “IRL” (in real life).
But how do you make your wedding social media friendly? Here are a few key tips:

Create a Hashtag and Spread the Word
The wedding hashtag is one of the easiest ways to collect all the memories from your wedding. With a hashtag, all the posts, selfies, and well wishes from your friends are gathered in one place online. Trust us, with all those photos at your fingertips, creating a wedding album has never been so easy!
Be sure to choose a unique hashtag early on in the planning process – try to include both your names or your wedding date, and feel free to get creative (puns are always welcome)! Then, get the word out so your guests remember to use the hashtag when they post something on their own accounts. Before you know it, your #weddingday will be a social media success. 

Work with Your Photographer (and Videographer)
There are some who argue that, thanks to smartphones with high-quality cameras, wedding photographers are no longer a necessity. Not true. A photographer has understands what makes a great picture, and he or she has skills that your cousins simply don’t, no matter how nice their iPhone is (sorry cousin Sally).
However, most photographers are happy to work with you and share a few Instagram-ready photos on the big day. Not only will they help you celebrate your wedding, they will help the photographer show off his great work! This goes for videographers too; while they may want to take time to edit and put together a killer wedding video, they may be ok with a digital live stream for those

Hand Off Your Social Media Obligations
Let’s get real: while social media is a great way to memorialize your wedding day, you have better things to do on the big day than worry about getting the perfect Instagram pic. It’s your wedding day! You should be soaking in the moment, drinking champagne, dancing the night away, and being in love with your new spouse.


So when it comes to social media, your wedding party can step up to help. Designate one bridesmaid and one groomsman to be “Tweeters of honor” (or whatever name you’d prefer). Give them the task of finding the right photos and posts, so that you can focus on savoring each moment of your wedded bliss. Plus, you can relive that special day later on, when you review those moments your Tweeters of honor captured.

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