November 6, 2009

The New Movie of the Penguins from Madagascar

I had fun watching the trailer of the upcoming movie of the Madagascar spinoff – Penguins of Madagascar the Movie. The cute, cuddly and obviously crazy penguins are going to November to theaters near you!

The Penguins who are Skipper (the very smart and sweet talker), Kowalski (the tall one), Rico (the crazy one),  and Private (the “special” one) are off to another crazy and wacky adventure. New characters are added in the movie and the focus is on the 4 cuddly penguins.

I love the part when Skipper said “Let’s forever bury this in the past” while wearing a German traditional  costume and was also playing an accordion, making him all the more cute!

(Photo not mine)

I will definitely watch this movie. I hope my daughter is here in Dubai when it will be shown so I have someone to laugh out loud with.

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