December 31, 2009

Easy Halloween Costumes Straight From Your Closet

Halloween is one of the most exciting occasions celebrated every year. Although there’s no Halloween celebration here in Dubai (like the trick or treat) where people can go crazy with their costumes,  we do fancy seeing people attend Halloween parties in hotels and bars wearing their fun, colorful, wacky and out-of-this-world costumes. It’s a far-cry from the people we saw in New York while we spent Halloween there last year but it’s not bad. People in Dubai can certainly improvise.

And speaking of improvise, if you are into this Halloween costume parties or would like to celebrate the event without burning a hole in your pocket, then rummage through your closet and see if you can find several items that you can pair with other accessories you may already have.

Here are some easy Halloween costume ideas fresh from the closet!

Men In Black 
You can use plain white dress shirt, suit, black tie or any dark tie, some fancy toy laser gun, thick metallic ballpen, toy watch or really hi-tech watch, dark shades and nice leather shoes or loafers

Revenge of the Nerd
A plain or patterned-print shirt, some pens, an old fashioned eyeglasses with tape, some books as props and a very slick hair will surely make you look like a nerd
Britney Spears in Baby One More Time MTV
This one is an easy ensemble. Check for any loose cardigan, plain dark colored skirt, a white shirt, some ribbons, long socks and black shoes

Gangster/Mafia hitman
Have you seen Godfather? Notice how debonaire the mafias were? Why not copy their outfit using any of these items in your closet: black dress shirt, light tie, double breasted suit, plastic toy gun or machine gun,  cigar, well-polished black shoes, and a cool hat?

Have you created costumes out of your own clothes and accessories before? What did you come up to?

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