December 12, 2009

Fresh Wedding Invitations and Save-The-Date For The Modern Bride and Groom

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Seeing the new types, designs, colors and textures in a contemporary wedding invitation these days make me want to walk down the aisle once again with my hubby.  I love how the freshness, uniqueness and splashes of lively colors and use of decorative fonts are now in use in most wedding invitations I have seen so far. Makes me green with envy!

Just to give you an idea why I am the green-eyed monster right now, here are some lovely and really captivating wedding invitations I found in Minted which make me drool and want to print one for myself and hubby just for the sake of having a contemporary style wedding invitation for our keepsake.

from: Minted

from: Minted

from: Minted

from: Minted

from: Minted

The above samples are just few of my personal choices. There are more and you can personalize them and the waiting time for your invitations to arrive is not as long as how it was before where we had to go to the proper printing press, discuss the designs, choose the colors and textures of the type of papers, limit the page inserts for a cheaper wedding invitation and choose from limited types of fonts. That time, it was mostly the very formal cursive fonts and the stern block types.

Aside from the lovely wedding invitations, the save-the-date designs are also pretty and awesome!

Don’t even get me started with the photobook that is very famous now for newly
weds to use during their wedding reception where the guests can sign instead of a usual guest book.

How come they didn’t print these kinds of lovely invites before? And those save the date cards were not too famous back then.

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