January 16, 2010

Review – Safe Email For Kids and Teens through KidsEmail.org

As a parent, security and safety are few of the aspects in my daughter’s life which warrant paramount concern. The world is filled with vile people who will not stop at anything to spread their malicious presence and activities. And these people can do that online where they can target our kids who are easy preys.

One thing that I strive to achieve is to keep my daughter safe in her online activities. At my age, I am still getting horrendous mails from spammers and other malicious senders and I really get very upset about them. Imagine how kids will react if they read one in their own emails or see some unsightly contents in the internet?

You might wonder why some kids have emails now. Modern age and the accessibility of social media and internet are some of the reasons why the younger generation now are more exposed than ever. As a parent, I try my level best to broaden that safety circle where my daughter belongs to and it includes her online presence. One way of achieving that is to subscribe in www.kidsemail.org.

KidsEmail.org is a site where parents can create an account for their kids, including teens.  This platform aids the parents to customize safety settings on their kids’ email accounts and curb any signs of misuse and receipt of spam mails.

The site’s many features include:

Mail monitoring

Time management

Mail queue

Block senders

Contact manager

Custom mailbox folders,  mail interface, background for your kids to enjoy and change and can attach drawing from the paint tool

The pictures below is how your kid’s email interface will look like when he or she is signed in.

It is every parents’ nightmare to know that our kids’ safety are breached. So, I highly recommend this to everyone with kids and even those without but who has young relatives who can benefit from this safe email service. Our children and the youth deserve to be protected and safe in their online activities. We cannot stop the advent of technology to take part in their lives but what we can do is to help make it safe for them.

KidsEmail.org can be used in iOS, Android and web platforms. You can try KidsEmail.org’s service for free for 30 days and you will not be billed for the usage. You can then later on subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription which you can do before or after your trial period is over.

KidsEmail.org has also been given recognition for their service and mission to keep our kids safe with their usage of email. Below are their recognitions:

To know more about KidsEmail.org, you may visit their website or follow them in their social networks in Facebook and Twitter.


All opinions expressed in this review are 100% mine and based on my personal evaluation of the site and the service offered. I only review products and services that I like and will find beneficial for everyone.

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