March 18, 2010

Here’s Why Frequent Travelers Are Usually Successful

A lot of the traits that successful people have are also the traits that frequent travelers have. Here are eight reasons why travelers often end up successful.

1. They can operate and thrive even when outside their comfort zone. Travelers are often in unfamiliar surroundings and situations. When faced with these situations, they have coping strategies that keep them calm and effective. 

2. They love and embrace change. Travelers enjoy novelty and are happy when surrounded by new people and things. This helps them focus and avoid being bored. This type of thinking and approach to life leads to creativity and innovation.

3. They’re able to manage their emotions. Travelers are faced with all different kinds of stress. They’re able to be self-aware and stay calm under pressure. This increases productivity and happiness.

4. They don’t always have to be in control. They trust that things will work out in the end. Travelers often have to rely on strangers when handling language barriers, finding their way around a new city, searching for affordable hotels in Honolulu, or taking a cab ride. Accepting that they can’t always be completely in control helps build relationships. Travelers are adept at choosing friends who are trustworthy.

5. They effectively manage their fear and are able to move past it. Success requires action. People who travel frequently put themselves in situations that they can’t simply turn back on. They face their fears regularly and develop coping actions and strategies for moving on, despite that fear.

6. They recognize opportunities and seize them. Travelers have a more broad knowledge of the world. By being exposed to different cultures and customs, they learn better ways of doing things. They can improve on their home life and find innovative ways to approach their days.

7. They know how to negotiate and they’re often able to get what they want. It’s important to negotiate when traveling in order to not be taken advantage of. They develop negotiation skills without being aggressive or pushy. This influences others and helps business professionals to accept business ideas. It’s the true mark of a leader.

8. They see beauty in situations where others may not. Travelers have trained their minds to focus on the beauty in the world. Regularly being faced with novel things keeps their brains sharp. They’re able to see beauty in even ordinary things. 

Overall, travelers have an accepting, broad view and experience of the world. This translates to success in all areas of life, including business.

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