March 11, 2010

Tips To Help Dad Thrive In The Digital Age

Well, not all dads are tech-savvy as the others and we can’t blame them. They are too busy at work or they have their own assistants to do the complicated techy stuff for them. So, how will the less-tech savvy dad thrive in today’s Digital Age?

Let’s help them, shall we?

Tip# 1 – Tutor your dad during weekends. Teach like you’re teaching a kindergartener. Make those technical words simple. You don’t want to overwhelm him now. Treat that tutorial time as bonding time too with the good ol’ man!

Tip# 2 – This tip is related to Tip# 1. Now that he’s familiar with the basics, give him stuff to do like, make him type simple emails, open a program he would normally leave to his assistant to do or to you or better yet, let him try the social media scene and understand how the world has evolved with technology.

Tip# 3 – If he’s having trouble with the keyboards and the commands to use when typing a simple correspondence using a word processing software, teach him the shortcut keys. Let go of the “mouse” once in a while. It’s good for his hands. Keeps the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at bay too!

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