April 12, 2010

Nail Art For Stubby Nails

I have stubby nails? Ok, you might wonder, what stubby means. Stubby, as defined by most dictionaries is having the nature of broadness, shortness or being thick. And in my case, my finger nails are quite stubby. This is the reason why I don’t grow my fingernails because they look odd. I also feel bad at times because there’s not much room to put nail art on or even maximize the beauty of a nail polish’s colour. However, I never realized that even with stubby fingernails, you can actually put nail art on your short nails.

My “long nails” and after cutting my nails.  They still look very short even when I grow them long.

Below are some fabulous ideas to consider if you happen to have stubby fingernails like mine.

Photo credit: naildesigny.com

Photo credit: naildesigny.com

Photo credit: yourfingernails.wordpress.com

Photo credit: easyday.snydle.com
Photo credit: naildesigny.com
Photo credit: naildesignphotos2013.blogspot.com

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